A downloadable game for Windows

Embark on a new adventure

to help our hero find back his stolen artifact. Fighting his way against video game clichés, he will need to sort out short puzzles and fight unknown forces to accomplish his quest. 


MoveLeft JoystickWASD, Arrows
InteractA (Xbox), X (PS4-5)E, Space

The Team

Art: Mathieu Strzykala

Dev: Manon Sutter, John Touba, Jean-Philippe Chevalier-Lancioni

Sound Designer: Titien Leoni

Composer: Thilo Goluza

Slip is a game filled with nods to some of the greatest video games that we all know and may have played during our childhood. We had a lot of fun picking those references and we hope you will like them too.

Puzzle Solutions

Note: We made a fix for the Boss where you could get invincible when dying a certain point. If you want, you can download a fixed version at this link.


SLIP.zip 433 MB

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